Our Occult Metaphysical Websites

Kwan Yinn & Jade Emperor

Read Only | Ritual Meditation

May our energies given to us, bring wonderful worlds into real being.


Read Only / Our Business Practice

Here is explained that knowledge, curiosity, and ethical business can have and are able to fully work as one within a combined realm of Compassion, Wisdom, and Power.

Magus Power

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Zoism Viewing

Read Only | Mental Powers

From the late 1700s to the 1970s, there was a renaissance of “mental powers studies” Here is a source for much forgotten or publicly missing information.

Saint Germain Project

Le Comte de Saint Germain

Story of a Life

The long term documenting of this amazing and mysterious man.

Alchemy and Mind

Read Only | Weird Science

Alchemy is a word for primitive science, related to electricity, chemistry, spirituality and mental awareness. Lets take a new collective view of this unique world, waiting to be truly discovered.

Hieroglyphic Monad of Dr Dee

Read Only / Alchemical Symbolism

Alchemical symbolism is a intuited or deliberately created form of hieroglyphic language. Here is an introduction to an amazing symbolic world.

Occult Meta Telegraph

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Cinema Inside Mind

Onine Magazine | Cinema

The manipulation of images has been in use since approx. The Psychological Found Purposes for Motion Pictures go back to at least 35,000 BC. Here we discuss and formulate ideas for the future world of cinema.


A Novel Soon | Cosmology